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Ontario Together is a community-driven movement to achieve measurable and sustainable neighborhood transformation through innovative implementation of GHG reduction projects.

This proposal will cultivate a slate of community-identified activities that have been woven together in a robust program to equitably build upon the strengths of our community and will advance long-term solutions.

Through a collaborative, community-based governance structure, we will implement projects which add affordable housing, integrate a network of pedestrian/bicycle facilities with high quality public transportation options, increase energy conservation, enhance food security, and create high quality, green jobs.

In challenging epistemic ideas of “disadvantaged” communities, this proposal will foster a thriving, resilient community, built to succeed in California’s green economy.




Frequently asked questions

What is the Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) Grant?
The TCC is a new Cap-and-Trade funded grant program from the state of California.  The grant program intends to transform eligible communities through investment in specified capital projects and programs such as affordable housing, transportation improvements, and urban forestry.
Has the TCC funding already been allocated?
Yes.  In this first year of the program, three cities were selected for funding: Los Angeles, Fresno, and Ontario.  The grant for Ontario is $35 million.  Our application included a slate of projects which will use the full $35 million.
What are the TCC projects and where will they be?
The TCC projects will be implemented within a 5 square mile “project area” centered in Euclid Avenue and Holt Boulevard in downtown and include:

Affordable Housing – a 101 unit housing development on Holt Boulevard just west of Grove Avenue.

Active Transportation – a 5 mile dedicated bicycle/pedestrian facility on Mission Boulevard; an adaptive re-use of the historic Fallis House into a “Downtown Mobility Hub” for bicycle parking/training/repair; a multiuse trail along Grove Avenue (North of Holt Boulevard); bicycle lanes on San Antonio Avenue south of Holt Boulevard; sidewalk gap closures; and significant crosswalk installations on Euclid Avenue and Holt Boulevard.

Omnitrans Bus Service Enhancements – improvement of Route 83 service (on Euclid Avenue) to 30 minute frequency; the installation of premium bus shelters in and around downtown; installation of real-time bus service electronic displays in new/existing bus shelters; modification of Route 86 routing to Bon View Avenue to include stops at Baldy View ROP and Dorothy A. Quesada Community Center.

Urban Forestry – 365 trees to be planted in downtown and along bicycle facilities.

Low Income Weatherization – creation of “Ontario Shines” program with non-profit partner GRID Alternatives to install solar panels on up to 100 rooftops along with 40 cool roof installations.

Green/Food Waste Diversion Program – creation of the new “Ontario Carbon Farm” where non-profit partner Huerta del Valle Community Garden will take green/food waste generated within the city and convert it to high quality compost.

Workforce Development / Small Business Support – the establishment of a San Bernardino County Workforce Development satellite office in downtown, along with small business support program through the Inland Empire Small Business Development Center located on Euclid Avenue.

Health and Well-being – augmentation of education programs through the Healthy Ontario Initiative to provide the community with information on healthy lifestyles as well as opportunities to engage in cardiovascular and leadership building activities.

When will all of these projects/programs start?
All projects and programs must be fully constructed and implemented within three years.  Many of the projects will break ground this year (Affordable Housing, Downtown Mobility Hub, Grove Avenue Multiuse Trail, Crosswalk Installations).  Several of the programs (Ontario Shines, Workforce Development, Small Business Support, Omnitrans Bus Service Improvements) will begin service this year as well.


HEALTH – Healthy Air, Healthy Food, Safe & Active Transportation, Safe & Affordable Housing

PROSPERITY – Access to Job Training & Careers

GHG REDUCTION – Reduce Greenhouse Gases


Equitable Housing & Neighborhood Development

Enhanced Transit Access & Mobility

Convert to Decarbonized Energy / Efficiency

Divert Waste through Materials Management

Expand Urban Greening / Infrastructure

Improved Health & Well-being

Workforce Development & Education



Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities including a 101 unit Affordable Housing Development as well as public transportation and pedestrian/bicycle improvements


Low Carbon Transit Operations including bus passes for project area residents, transit training, and headway improvements to Omnitrans Route 83

Urban Forestry

Urban Community Forestry including planting 365 trees, reducing greenhouse gas emissions in urban center, increasing the City’s Urban Forest canopy


Low-Income Weatherization Program including installing solar on affordable multi-family housing, installing solar PV systems for low-income homeowners


Green/Food Waste Diversion Program including a Carbon Farm, agricultural job training, and the expansion of organic, affordable fresh food production


Active Transportation Program including bicycle & pedestrian improvements on Mission Blvd & San Antonio Ave, crosswalk installations & sidewalk improvements throughout downtown


High Quality Job Creation & Workforce Development including downtown Makerspace, small business Incubator space, educational and job opportunities


Health & Well-being including Healthy Ontario Initiative to engage community, utilize health hubs, educate and equip residents for healthy lifestyles